Mural Wallpaper Application

How to apply CDS-WALL support materials

The materials used are easy to apply on any flat surface, and the application does not require qualified personnel.

Application Advices

Useful tips for mural wallpaper application

How to apply the mural wallpaper around the doors, at the corners, around the sockets and the switches. How to apply it to the border with the ceiling. How to apply it after radiators?

Wall Measurement

How to measure a wall before placing the order

Each side of the wall must be measured 3 times. The largest share is the size to be taken into account. We choose the highest measure and add 5 extra centimeters.

Irregular Wall

How to measure a wall with different sides

The dimensions of the wall should be taken as if it were a rectangle or square. The positioning of each graphic element will be analyzed.
Useful tips for proper application.

Ceiling Mural Wallpaper

Applying the mural wallpaper on the ceiling and measuring the surface

The application of the wallpaper is done after marking the position of each phase that composes the work, on the arranged surface. Each side of the surface must be measured 3 times, to obtain the correct dimensions.

Wall Thickness

What to keep in mind when measuring the surface of a floor

The wall thickness on the side with the access door must be included in the final dimensions. The transition from one room to another is usually done in the middle of the wall thickness.

Old Faience

Custom wallpaper over old faience

Find out how you can get a smooth and perfectly flat surface, without removing old faience. 3 layers of putty and we get a perfect grip on any type of support.