Decorative Floors

Decorative floors made with Fotofloor

The DEC-FLOOR type material for the floor is special for this type of work. The material used is printed with special inks, covered with a protective layer even during the polymerization process, thus allowing the welding of the resin layers between which it is applied.


How to make epoxy floors with 3D effect

Epoxy systems can be applied on any firm surface, regardless of what it is (sandstone, helicopter screed, concrete).


Components of the epoxy system with 3D effect

The floors can be decorative monocolor, decorative metallic-effect and epoxy with 3D effect. Depending on the type of arrangement, we have 3 sealing options.


Processing and realization of the graphic model for application

Each work is customized according to the requirements communicated by the beneficiary. The details provided by him, build / define the work in a unique / original way.

About Material

About DEC-FLOOR printed material

DEC-FLOOR can be glued and peeled off several times, it does not make air bubbles, if a strip breaks, the pieces can be applied without being visible the defect and last but not least, you do not need experience to mount this material.

Video Presentations

Video Presentations of some works made by us!

We recommend you to review some of the works done lately. Application services are outsourced.