Ceiling Mural

About designing the ceiling with mural wallpaper

All works are 100% customized according to the details received from the beneficiary. The personalization of the ceiling can be done in tandem with a wall or with the walls of the space, without the graphic model being interrupted.

Ceiling Mural Wallpaper Materials

The material used for the ceiling mural wallpaper

The materials in this group are extremely maneuverable and very permissive to application. Due to the structure, the materials in the CDS-WALL group are bio-proof (they do NOT allow the formation of mold over time).

Ceiling Mural Wallpaper Application

Applying the mural wallpaper on the ceiling and measuring the surface

The application of the wallpaper is done after marking the position of each phase that composes the work, on the arranged surface. Each side of the surface must be measured 3 times, to obtain the correct dimensions.

Ceiling Projects

Some video presentations of some works made by us!

We recommend you to review some of the works done lately. Application services are outsourced. The works were carried out in different cities of the country and not only.