We all know that the trends are cyclical, and in 2020 the epoxy floor with 3D effect is the latest craze in terms of floor design. Homeowners who are in the process of planning an arrangement, this year will be happy to hear that fotofloor is durable, attractive and perfectly adaptable in the context of arrangement - 100% customized.

With the help of the new system kit, works of art that adorn the floors of the famous palaces of Versailles can be made: El Alcazar, Buckingham, etc., medallions and / or mosaics customized in different shades. To have a clear view of the possibilities, imagine that any image, any graphic theme, existing in the Google Images library can be reproduced.

Versailles Uniqe Floor

Until recently, this type of flooring could be made of pieces of marble, micronically cut and assembled like a puzzle. The limitation in terms of graphic complexity and the actual duration of a large work, made this type of flooring generate a number of costs, which in general could be paid only by very rich families.

How is photofloor defined - an unique floor

It is a system kit, consisting of several types of materials applied in layers (primer, epoxy solutions of different types, printed support material and final top coat), also two-component and self-leveling, perfectly compatible with each other, which has an increased resistance to traffic, impermeability, with a high heat transfer coefficient (in the case of heated floors) and a design trend!

These systems can be made for both indoor and outdoor use. Depending on the exposure to ultraviolet rays and sudden changes in temperature, the kit components of the system differ. They are also used in commercial facilities, areas with heavy traffic.

This system can be applied on large surfaces, obtaining different types of design, unique ground floors, which are traditionally very difficult to achieve or impossible (see marble, granite, etc.), but also on small surfaces, such as: the bathroom floor, the passage hall, the bedroom and why not the kitchen floor, personalizing them in a unique way.

Any graphic model can be redesigned and distributed on any surface, regardless of its geometric format. The DECS FLOOR support material from CDS is used in the photofloor system. It allows the coverage of large areas with a continuous graphic pattern perfectly distributed. In fact, one of the secrets of the photofloor system kit is this type of material, which facilitates the realization of works, in other conditions impossible to achieve.

Find out more details about this type of arrangement by consulting How to make epoxy flooring with 3D effect. Review the video materials, which present the steps that must be followed to obtain this type of design.

Why is the photofloor trend?

Design experts have agreed that it is one of the most innovative ways to customize the floor surface.

It can be seen that the photofloor is presented at another level in the new year. It offers a visual interest with a subtle texture and can be customized to fit perfectly from the modern design with the more classic interior! Photofloor floors are 100% customizable!

Pardoseala Versailles

In terms of reproductions of graphic models, there is no conditioning. Medallions can be redrawn that imitate famous mosaics in different shades or shapes with great difficulty. In other words, we can describe the possibilities in terms of graphics in a simplistic way: Any image, any graphic theme, existing in the Google Images library

The cost of epoxy floors with 3D effect!

A system kit, which according to the minimum packaged quantities, covers an area of approximately 10 sq m for the interior, costs somewhere between 550 Euro and 950 Euro plus VAT, depending on the final sealing layer chosen by the beneficiary. Depending on the dimensions to be arranged, the cost / sqm decreases, considerably and this real calculation can be made only if the characteristics that define the project and a series of information that describe the future work are analyzed.
For example, the cost of labor is calculated depending on the location (distance of the team), the condition of the work surface (existing support layer) and the total area of the work.

The benefits of the photofloor system!

As I said, photofloor floors can withstand intense wear and abrasion.

The durability of the arrangement is substantial compared to the rest of the standard products. Yes, but considering the unlimited customization possibilities offered by this system, in terms of interior design, this type of arrangement can remain in usable form for 25 years or more. Applying small maintenance and correction of imperfections that are generated by the passage of time and use, the system kit is a unique solution in landscaping and is improved from year to year.

Versailles Floor Uniqe Model

The background surface of the graphic model will be unitary and uninterrupted. In the case of marble works, the surface is interrupted by the joints of the tiles that cover the floor. In the case of photofloor arrangements, the entire surface is compact and uninterrupted!

This system is the perfect choice for people with allergies or respiratory problems due to the fact that it is very easy to clean and has no joints such as tiles, marble and even parquet.

Review a series of works already done by watching some Video Presentations.

Disadvantages of the photofloor system kit

It is recommended to set your preferred graphic model from the beginning, because the photofloor system kit you choose cannot be replaced after installation. And here there is a good part, the height of such a system is 5-7 mm.

The photofloor system kit is like a waterproofing of the surface. If there is a flood, this system will not allow water to infiltrate through the floor but will keep it inside.

Unique Versailles Floor

Epoxy solutions are generally slippery when wet. And for this situation there is a remedy, in the absence of a special top coat, we use epoxy wax that will close all invisible pores generated by self-leveling application. The surface required in time will have to be maintained, depending on the traffic inside.