The modern mural wallpaper is refined, spectacular and offers fabulous opportunities for designing a modern room. For the design of the walls, the stylists urge us not to limit ourselves only to aesthetics but to search, to innovate and to implement any design way that gives birth to feelings, sensations to enjoy the look and the soul alike.
From this point of view, the mural wallpaper is a determining element, which strongly accelerates the pedal of "feelings". Contemporary mural wallpaper compositions are attractive options for modern wall decoration. They have the gift of creating optical illusions and balance the proportions in a room. The mural wallpaper brings fascinating themes in the interior design and has the ability to optimize and elegantly customize the living spaces.

In decorating the walls, the wallpaper is a complex tool, but it is very easy to use. Where there are imperfections, it significantly blurs or diminishes them. Where there are small spaces, it brings more light. Where there is monotony, it brings ecstasy.

(Re) Arranging walls is the ideal choice for instantly changing the mood and atmosphere of a room. An old room can magically transform into a new one that is more comfortable, dynamic, romantic or adventurous. Modern mural wallpaper is therefore a versatile technique for arranging the walls in any room. The mix of themes and colors can respect the existing interior design, by highlighting the overall style chosen or can add strong accents and playful details in contrasting colors.

Here are the stylists' recommendations regarding decorating the walls with mural wallpaper, to create impressive accents, distinct functional areas and enchanting interiors.

6 recommendations from stylists for wall design

1. Small spaces design. Even in spacious villas there may be a desire at some point to make a room look bigger than it really is. Interior design and wall decoration allow us to do this. We just have to play in a special way with lights, shades and motifs. Mural wallpaper is the perfect solution for the visible extension of spaces that seem small to us. It balances the proportions and makes the whole interior design suddenly look more spacious. So spacious that it could easily host an imposing plane, a huge elephant, a dense forest with many trees, a generous view of the sea. And the examples can go on.

2. Focus on a certain wall. This is a modern technique for arranging a room, and the result is remarkable. "Focal point" type walls define bright, tidy interiors and improve functionality. For the children's and babies' room you can opt for images inspired by nature or fairy tales. Given that the mural wallpaper tells a story, it will be your job to identify the theme that can inspire and convey exactly what you want. Neutral colors are perfect for interiors where you want to emphasize peace and relaxation. Instead, the light, bright and bright shades are perfect for teenagers' rooms or children's playgrounds.

3. Customize the interiors. Arranging walls is the ideal way to quickly add personality to a room. Select that decorative accent that can say a lot about you. Modern photographic art can illustrate your dreams directly on a wall. Thus a room suddenly becomes a more intimate and welcoming space. You can use the inspiration area of our site by accessing Design Ideas or you can go directly to the Catalog with Graphic Models to discover the desired theme.

4. Improving the interior design style.Mural wallpaper, like furniture and lighting, can intensify the effect of interior design in a certain style. Chosen in accordance with the right lights and decorative accessories that respect a certain theme, the wallpaper has the ability to create the desired mood.

5. Game of contrasts and colors. Designing images on walls is a smart, practical and fast way to make up for any small shortcomings in interior design. If a room is not well enough lit, by dressing the walls in warm and bright photographic images, it can suddenly acquire a new facet. In arranging the walls, the designers urge you to dare to play with light shades, contrasting colors or brightly colored images.

6. Get rid of the monotonous rooms, that do not transmit anything. The arrangement of the walls with the help of modern 3D mural wallpaper brings extra energy, dynamics and elegance. If at some point you have a vague feeling that a room may look better, it probably is. Bring your favorite colors, lights and image there. The wallpaper creates dramatic, remarkable effects and gives life to the lackluster interiors.

Summary for wall arrangement

Of course, the choice of murals depends on the effect you want to create in a room. The child's room looks great with brightly lit walls, while other rooms in the house are better highlighted when bathed in romantic themes or inspired by nature. An active person feels best at home when a mural reminds them of travel. Children like to be surrounded by favorite characters or heroes. In the bedrooms with flowers and trees projected on the walls, peace and relaxation reign. The images with juicy fruits create a pleasant sensation in the dining area, and the aquatic themes greatly inspire those who set foot in an ultra-modern bathroom.

So, give free rein to your imagination and be inspired by the models presented in Our Catalog!