Mural Wallpaper with 3D effect is gaining more and more popularity in interior design of walls. New technologies for processing, production and production of large format images have opened the way to unlimited creative areas for this field.
Even if the vast majority of interior designers do not yet resonate at maximum levels with this type of arrangement, the profile market shows a fast growing trend in this regard.

Because things are still in their infancy and the terminology in this area is still not properly laid out and mastered, many people confuse the 3D effect of the wallpaper (optical perception effect) with the 3D in the film industry (stereoscopic images).

The three-dimensional mural wallpaper is specially designed to tick an extremely important thing in interior design - the extension of visual space. It is an aesthetic trick that gives spectacularity, hides the small imperfections of the walls and accentuates the created atmosphere. Tricks for expanding a room have always been used in interior design. The controlled use of chromatics, the creation of vertical or horizontal stripes with different widths or the excessive lighting of one or more areas, were just some of the variants so far, through which stylists "enlarged" or "reduced" an interior. Now, the photo wallpaper with 3D effect brings added value in the interior decoration, not only through chromatics, geometry and play of light and shadows, but also through complex images that have the ability to transmit states. The wallpaper with 3D effect is an initiator of a new current in arrangements that captures more and more followers, which stimulates both the imagination of the creator and the viewer.

We continue to focus on useful tips, options and inspirational ideas on how you can use three-dimensional images to expand visual space, whether we are referring to the child's room, office, bedroom or living room.

About arranging walls in 3D format - revolutionary interior design

If you choose the right 3D images, the results will be truly miraculous. You will get guaranteed that optical illusion of space "more generous" than it really is. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting 3D images for wall coverings:

1. Color. The basic rules in choosing a suitable color remain valid in the case of arrangements with 3D effect. Therefore, the images with a predominantly light chromatic, white or neutral shades, pastel, will generate airy spaces, due primarily to the capture of light and its reflection inside. Cold colors such as blue, green or purple have the "talent" to shrink the space, but not when their pale variants are used: lilac, light gray, light green or serenity blue.

2. The surface of the material used in making a photo wallpaper with 3D effect can be matte or glossy. Choosing the type of material is as important as choosing the image or color. In the case of mural wallpaper with a black background or mostly in dark colors, the glossy material will act like the surface of a mirror, reflecting both light and nearby objects.

3. Contrast. The mixture of contrasting details drives the expansion of the space. If we cover a wall with dark 3D images, and the other walls with monophonic mural wallpaper in light shades, the space will automatically lengthen; the room will look longer.

4.Do not obstruct the walls arranged with 3D mural wallpaper and do not hide them behind a smart TV, oversized painting or piece of furniture. Let the wall covered in 3D wallpaper breathe freely and it will fully demonstrate its amazing properties.


Invigorate your home with a unique interior design. Give it a unique, original imprint. You can get a completely different look in a very short time. The room will look completely changed, and the walls will take on a new dimension, a new interest. 3D mural wallpaper is the winning solution if you want to refresh the climate in the house. 3D images are extremely attractive and create a comfortable atmosphere.

You will be amazed by the result obtained and by the general appearance. Place this mural wallpaper on the surface of the walls and you will see how the space at home begins to be reborn, like a Phoenix bird. Unique patterns, prominences, ornaments, bold landscapes - all will contribute to the design of that luxurious look you long for.